Poetry Analysis Of Life Is Fine By Langston Hughes

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Poetry Analysis For this assignment I will be analyzing Langston Hughes’ “Life is Fine” poem. Written in 1949, widely recognized as Hughes’ most successful piece of work as it focuses on the struggles of not only life for African Americans, but for humanity as a whole. Langston Hughes’ poem “Life is Fine” illustrates the ongoing pandemic of depression and people deciding death is the only permanent solution for their problems in life through its use of theme, tone, and diction. The common theme throughout the poem is perseverance. This refers to the misconceptions that most people have about death. When we are faced with problems too difficult and miserable, people assume it’s impossible to overcome, and that death is the only outlet. People use death as a fast and coward’s way out of the pain and problems life throws at us. However, this poem reveals the other side of the scenario, that it’s more difficult to keep going on rather than giving up on life. The first four stanzas of the poem depict the speaker trying to commit suicide. His/her resolve is shown particularly in these two lines, Hughes says “I tried to think but couldn’t, / So I jumped in and sank.” (Hughes, 3-4) Through this mental roadblock the speaker comes to the decision to drown himself. Their attempt fails as shown by “I came up once and hollered! / I came up twice and cried!” (Hughes, 5-6) The speaker tries to drown themselves twice before giving up and breaking out into a sob. He/she

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