Poetry Appreciation For Poetry

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Lesson Plan Learning Objectives The student will appreciate poetry for its ideas and wealth of feelings. The student will appreciate the technique of Personification used by poets. The student will read with expression. The poem will whet the students ' appetite for poetry. Preparation 1. Poetry should be a source of delight for students in this grade. Read out some poems such as I think of Thee by Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Robert Frost’s Birches or The Woods are … or Woods by Wendell Berry in class. Allow the students to appreciate each poem and each poet in a variety of ways. 2. Create an environment in class in which all students feel free to express their different opinions about the poems and poets. 3. The students must experience the oral presentation of poetry. Allow students to participate actively in the rhythm of the language so that they are able to develop a feel of the movement created by the poet 's words. 4. Poetry appreciation is a life long skill .Discuss in class the different components of poetry : stanza, line, rhyme, personification and couplet. By understanding the terminology, students will be able to discuss the poem, using the poetic terms accurately. 5. Guide the students towards concluding that each poem is a reflection of the poets ' ideas and/or the time the poet lived. The students will have a deeper understanding of the main idea presented in each poem. Warm-Up 6. Create a Timeline for Joyce Kilmer’s life and the main
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