Poetry Essay: A Road Not Taken By Robert Frost

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Poetry Essay Shamyra Thompson Liberty University Poetry Essay Outline “A Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost Thesis: In the poem “A Road Not Taken”, Robert Frost shares how sometimes in life one has to make decisions rather they’re good or bad. However there are consequences following one’s decisions and choices. One can use their second chance by looking forward and choosing to take the right paths in life. I. Mood & Theme a. The poem’s author, Robert Frost, focuses on the theme and the mood by representing the choices and decisions that have to be made. b. In the ending of the poem, regret is displayed after realizing the wrong choices were made. II. Poetic Devices & Figurative Language a. Reading this poem, you can relate to what the author’s …show more content…

Frost symbolized free will and fate in the poem by using “The Fork”. The poem teaches that there are two paths that will lead you on your journey to your destiny. Frost lead to the belief that, “Two roads diverged in yellow wood” (Frost, 1916) expresses indirectly that the season is Fall and makes the theme seems as if “he was falling apart”. The interpretation of the poem can be based on everyone’s own personal experiences. In the poem, Frost indicates that he made the wrong decisions and took the wrong path’s by sarcastically using “making all the differences”. Frost implies that “the path less traveled” means that this is the path he is thinking of taking. Poem Interpretation Frost’s interpretation of the statement, “Yet knowing how way leads one to way, I doubted if I should ever come back”(Frost, 1916), suggests that in life, we won’t get that second chance to go back and change what has happened, but learn from what has happened by moving forward and following that second road which will lead him to where he will need to be. As Christians, we all struggle and are faced with choosing

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