Poetry In The Iliad

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English poems have a great history. They became the language of cultured people many centuries ago. In addition, many authors have become well known because of their poems. Homer is one of these authors who 's became a case of study in several universities and institutions around the world. In this pice of paper I will draw your attention to some points. First, the reasons that make Iliad is an important poem and occupies a unique position in the literary canon. This include some evidence which made the Iliad a classical work. Secondly, clarify the reasons which make Homer is a canonical poet. In addition, the way that Homeric poetry possess ‘authority’ in terms of subject matter, tone and style. Finally, I am going to analyze a short poem for William Black. Canon is defined as “a traditional collection of writings against which other writings are evaluated” (http://literary devices.net/canon/). According to J. Kruger” the definition of canon as a final, closed list of books has begun to emerge as the more dominant one—at least in some circles”(2013). In fact, there are different kinds of canon such as literary canon, religious canon and musical canon. Homer’s work is classified as literary canon which means a group of literary works that considered the most important of a particular time period or place. Iliad has many features that make it occupies a unique position in the literary work. One reason is it explains every thing about life. In which Homer mentioned
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