Poetry: Poetry And The Elements Of Poetry

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What is Poetry?
Poetry is a part of literary worked. It is a branch from literature that express peoples mind into a written text that formulates an imaginative awareness and experience to create beautiful words and arranged, so it can symbolize the writer specific emotion response through meaning, sound, and rhythm. Poetry also can define as beauty of expression so that the writer of the poems itself can freely express their ideas, their though, their emotion and their feelings through the written text and people can read it and also can feel the feeling of the writer. The content in the poetry usually showing about the emotions and idea to the reader. The reader will be shown the experience or the way of thinking of the writer. Poetry writer called poet. Poet can be considered as an artist. If we paint we need a canvas and color but in poetry the canvas which poet used are words that create a harmonic, beautiful, and meaningful written text. Poetry also consists of many elements inside such as form, lines, stanzas, rhyme, pattern, rhythm, and euphony. Let us take a look at the elements one by one. First is a form. Form is the elements of poetry that differentiate one poem to another. Each poets use this elements to express what he want to say to the readers. Form also can be classified to three based on the types. It is lyric poetry which is the poems that express a strong thoughts and feeling. For example is the pop modern song that can be considered as lyric poetry.
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