Poetry: The Function Of Art In Langston Hughes

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 The function of biographical approach Literary works can be viewed as a reflection of the social background and personal experience at a particular time. Authors present their practice and express opinions in an artistic manner. According to Professor Kelley (177), biographical approach is a method employed to understand a literary work by studying the details of the author’s life, including education, work, relationship, and death. It implies that the world, the author, the work are closely related. As a result of this, understanding biography plays an important role in grasping deeper or mundane meaning of the context. Therefore, we can get a better understanding of interpreting the topic and emotion of such work. Furthermore, part of this process is to get rid of the subjective mindsets and preconceived notions. Accordingly, this essay will explore the connection between the author’s viewpoint and experience while studying Langston Hughes’ poem. The standpoints mainly focus on the how the poem’s topics are formed by social and personal fact, especially during the Harlem renaissance period; then the influence of his art form and rhetorical features in the case “As I Grew Older”. Langston Hughes is an outstanding and modern American black. His vernacular poems are tagged the reflector of the black culture due to portrayal of black American’s realistic traits. Hughes 's "greatest value," noted by George E. Kent in Langston Hughes, "is in the range of notes that he was

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