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Every story ever written will always contain some type of point of view. Point of view allows a reader to comprehend the story through a certain perspective. Stories like “Everyday Use”, “The Destructors”, and “A Worn Path” all contain different types of point of view. Some examples of point of view include: first person, objective, third person limited, and third person omniscient. Each story uses the different point of views to allow the reader the ability to understand what is happening in the story from different aspects. For example, in first person point of view the narrator is telling the story which allows the reader the ability to understand the story from the views of narrator. The short story “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker is an example of first person point of view. In…show more content…
“A Worn Path” by Eudora Weltly is a example of third person limited because of how it allows us to see the views of one character. In this story, a woman named Phoenix is making a wild and absurd journey to town to get the appropriate medication for her ill grandson at home. An example of how third person is used in “A Worn Path” would be when “Phoenix heard the dogs fighting, and heard the man running and throwing sticks” (Welty 227). This quote shows how this short story elaborates on how the narrator knows the thoughts of only one character. In conclusion, every story uses point of view to convey how the story is told from a certain perspective. Point of view allows the reader to understand how the events in the story affect a person or a group of people. Short stories like “Everyday Use”, “The Destructors”, and “A Worn Path” use different points of view to give the reader the ability to experience the story as the narrator. Overall, point of view is used to get the reader to understand the story by how it was conveyed by someone in the
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