Point Of View In Alaska Cather's O Pioneers

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O Pioneers is a book challenging the “American Dream” by using the Three points of view, Realistic, Romantic and Naturalistic. Cather personally addresses realistic point of view because of all the uncontrollable things that happen throughout the book, like like when Emil and Marie were murdered by Frank. Another reason Cather personally addresses the realistic point of view is because when Carl came back to see Alexandra then left for Alaska to look for gold. Cather also addresses the other points of view just not personally.
The Romantic point of view is shown in a few different ways. It is shown between Alexandra and Carl when Alexandra gets a letter from Carl saying he’s in Hanover “On reaching her room she locked the door, and sitting down on a chair by the dresser, opened the telegram. It was from Hanover, and it read:— ARRIVED HANOVER
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The way it is shown is by Emil and Marie being shot by Frank and it shown by Carl leaving for alaska. It is shown by Emil and Marie because of how they acted while knowing Marie was married to Frank which made Carl decide to leave the divide because Marie could not and Emil could not stay knowing he could not be with Marie. "Don 't ask me anything more. I don 't know anything except how miserable I am. And I thought it would be all right when you came back. Oh, Emil, she clutched his sleeve and began to cry, what am I to do if you don 't go away? I can 't go, and one of us must. Can 't you see? Emil stood looking down at her, holding his shoulders stiff and stiffening the arm to which she clung. Her white dress looked gray in the darkness. She seemed like a troubled spirit, like some shadow out of the earth, clinging to him and entreating him to give her peace. Behind her the fireflies were weaving in and out over the wheat. He put his hand on her bent head. On my honor, Marie, if you will say you love me, I
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