Point Of View In Catch The Moon

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“Catch The Moon” is a short story written by Judith Ortiz Cofer that deals with a boy named Luis living with his father, working at his junkyard. This story is written in third person point of view. Pondering on this, I realized the story would be very different if it was written in first person point of view by Luis, Luis dad, and Naomi, who seems to be Luis’s lover.
Throughout the story there were times where it seemed like time was frozen and Luis was spending time thinking. If Luis wrote this from his point of view he might have revealed what he was thinking while staring at Naomi from on top of the hubcap mountain he was sat on. Additionally, he could have revealed his thoughts when he was having dinner with his father. Maybe he was thinking about his mother during this time, who passed away from cancer three years ago. Luis missed his mother and he showed this when he gifted Naomi her car’s hubcap.
On the other hand if this was written in Mr. Cintron’s point of view,
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She could have had thoughts about Luis at his mother’s funeral. Although it is not revealed, maybe she was infatuated over him and was too shy to say something to him when she came for a hubcap for her car. It would be interesting to see her thoughts when she saw Luis crying and when Luis delivered her hubcap for her car. She may have said that it was a romantic gesture since Naomi knows about his mom. I believe Naomi’s point of view would mostly talk about Luis.
“Catch The Moon” would be out of the ordinary if it were written in first person point of view. There would be three different stories if written in Luis’s, Mr. Cintron’s, and Naomi’s point of views. The all have different aspects in the story and unique characters. Their thought process would be different which would make the story more interesting. Hearing the story from how the character sees it is more entertaining than hearing a narrator tell it, in my
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