Point Of View In Shirley Jackson's Story 'Charles'

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In Shirley Jackson's story “Charles”, a realistic fiction story. The main character Laurie is starting his first day of kindergarten. Laurie’s parents starts noticing that Laurie is being bad and comes home with stories of this kid named Charles and how bad he is in school. Also Laurie’s mother is worried that kindergarten is too difficult for him. Something that this story teaches its readers is that people can not just assume anything about other people. The author also uses craft moves for example, foreshadowing and 1st person point of view in the story.
It is not fair when people assume anything about other people because no one know if the things people hear are true or not. In the story “Charles”, Laurie’s mother believes that Charles is real because she believes what Laurie says about Charles. She also believes that Charles is the reason that Laurie is acting to bad. After Laurie tells his parents how bad Charles was, his
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It uses foreshadowing in the story, when the main character's husband says “she’ll be there,... i don't see how they could have a PTA meeting without Charles mother” (Jackson 77). This is significant because it is showing that they are expecting Charles mother to be at the meeting. The author Shirley Jackson also uses foreshadowing when the story says that “No one mentioned Charles” this is foreshadowing that Charles is not real. Laurie's mother finds out that Charles is not real when she ask the teacher about Charles and the teacher has no idea who Laurie's mother is talking about. Another craft move that the author uses is first person point of view. The author Shirley Jackson uses first person point of view whenever the main character uses the pronoun I, me, or my, for example the passage “Charles” says (Add example).

In the story “Charles” by Shirley Jackson the theme they you should not assume anything you hear, in this story is
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