Point Of View In The Stolen Party

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Why Stolen Party uses Third Person Limited POV In “The Stolen Party,” author Liliana Heker uses third person limited point of view to make the story surprising. It can help us understand Rosaura better by going into depth on her thoughts and feelings. One reason for using third person limited point of view is to give the story some unexpected twists. For example, since it was third person point of view, we thought that Rosaura was a genuine guest at the party, not just a mini-maid. When Senora Ines got Rosaura to hand out cake and hotdogs, Rosaura thought it was an honour and was oblivious to the fact that she was just being used. If it were told in third person omniscient, we would have known Senora Ines’s true intentions. “Senora Ines didn't look in the pink bag. Nor did she look in…show more content…
This made us feel biased towards specific characters, especially Rosaura’s mother and Luciana’s cousin. An example of that is when her mother says: “Get away with you, believing all the nonsense you’re told!” or “That one's not your friend. You know what you are to them? The maid’s daughter, that's what!” This examples make us think that Rosaura’s mother does not care about Rosaura’s feelings, but she is really just trying to help her daughter. Another example is when Rosaura is talking to Luciana’s cousin. Through Rosaura’s eyes, we see the girl as annoying, vain and mean. It is because of that that we feel happy when Rosaura kicks her. If it were told in third person omniscient, and we knew what was going on in the little girl’s brain, we might not have felt the same way about the teasing. The author’s main reason for using third person point of view is make us feel shocked and surprised, because we only know Rosaura’s thoughts and feelings, so we don’t know what everyone else is thinking, feeling or planning, just like when Senora Ines just uses Rosaura for her
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