Point Park Veterans Case Study

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When it comes to the treatment of veteran students here at Point Park University, they are treated with respect. In some cases, veterans have postponed their education to join the military, resulting in some being undergraduates at Point Park. Veterans here tend to be in their late 20 's or early 30 's. The age difference between them and the typical ages of 18-21-year-old students can be overwhelming. It 's a learning experience for a few veterans, but with the help of Point Park veterans have their admission fee waived and get early registration. This helps take a little bit of the strain of college life off their shoulders. In addition, veterans are encouraged to go to the student veteran service if they need any help. Point Park 's veteran 's representative Deb Bateman is there to try and help them with any problems. "I am privileged to serve this population, it 's…show more content…
Most are full-time students, spending almost 13 hours on campus. They don 't have dorms or apartments nearby campus so they need to have a place to complete their work in an environment suitable for them. Having a space for them was a great idea that the school came up with. Located on the second floor of the student center, there is a lounge for veterans where they can relax, get work done, and meet other veterans. There is coffee available to them in the lounge as well. At the same token, I feel that more can always be done to accommodate veterans. On Wednesday, Nov. 11 state representative Jake Wheatley Jr. spoke at Point Park 's Veterans Day observance in Village Park. He told the audience, "Veterans shouldn 't have to struggle with housing or school. Don 't honor veterans just on this day, honor them 365 days." Wheatley knows the appreciation and understanding he has for this country because he is a veteran. So it 's only right that we appreciate and gain a new understanding for them as well. Respecting them and simply saying thank you when we see them is a

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