Point Victoria Character Analysis

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Over the course of a year, Gary becomes less defined by others and chooses his own identity. At the start of the movie, Gary is defined by his abusive father, the racism he is constantly living around, and by the footy. These key things do affect most of the community, but it especially surrounds around Gary.Throughout the movie he starts to creates his own identity and becomes less attached to these things and moves away. The racism from the town is so bad that the Points have to be separated. There’s Point Pearce and Point Victoria. The Aboriginals are constantly harassed and abused. Gary is repeatedly being put under pressure to be racist and he allows it. His father and one of his friends names pickles despise them and think that their only use if for sex. When Gary’s father kills his best Aboriginal friend names Dumby, and when his father abused his lover Clarence, Gary had enough and dropped anyone who harassed the Aboriginals. Gary’s family is well known by the community, due to…show more content…
The team is made up of both people from Point Pearce and Point Victoria. This is the only thing in the town that isn’t racist. At the beginning of the movie, Gary is known as the “gutless wonder”, but the game saving sacrifice that Gary made, rewarded him with a small amount of respect from his Dad. When the seasons rewards are being given. A small change in names for who wins the best player of the season makes everything spiral out of control. Dumby who was clearly the best player was swapped around for the captain because the captain was white and Dumby is black. This one small change caused everything to fall apart. This is what caused Dumby and his cousin Pretty to rob the pub and what killed Dumby. Gary finally understood that this sport that united the entire community was still incredibly racist. A small sport that seemingly was uniting both the communities sent everything down a dark path of murder and more
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