Pointillism Technique In Visual Art

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This research chooses pointillism technique in painting as a key area of study. Pointillism is one of the style in impressionism that is known as a technique of painting which using a small distinct dots of color to form an image. This technique was developed by Georges Seurat and Paul Signac in 1886. . In Gestalt theory, there are four principles which is known as proximity, similarity, continuity and closure. This theory had a relation principles with pointillism technique. According to Gestalt theory, proximity was discussed about configuration of dots A, B and C can be seen as forming a square. Within the square in B, the dots are closer together horizontally than vertically and, therefore, are seen as groups of horizontal rows or as a horizontal movement. The effect can be enhanced by moving the horizontal dots closer together. Move the dots to a position where they are physically or psychologically touching and you would see a line.(Richard D Zakia (2002).Perception and Imaging: second edition.Focal Press.)
In visual art term, value refer to the lightness or darkness. In painting, value can be seen through the gradient or hue of color that has been used to form an image. There is a technique which known as chiarascuro where painters in the ancient time explored ways of making their images more believable, they
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She said that pointillism technique is really kind of fun and different . she wanted to try something really different in that technique. Munz make an artwork since she was a kid until now even she is a fulltime career in nursing. Munz never stopped making an artwork because she love it . Munz stated that the inspiration come from nature, landscape and so on. She is currently teaching classes at the Bayou arts center and hope that others had inspire. She offers new materials from dying silk to glass work. She have done a lot encouragement to
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