Poison Dart Frog Research Paper

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The Choco Indian rolled the dart tip on the Golden Poison Dart Frog 's back. Then he inserted the dart into the blowgun, ready for his dinner. The poison of the Poison Dart Frog has been used by the Choco Indians since ancient times. The Choco Indians would use the Golden Poison Frog 's poison by exposing the frog to heat. They then would lace their darts and arrows with this toxin. Although the Poison Frog might seem like a menace, its habitat, prey, and toxin can all be adjusted so that the frog that can kill ten men, will seem like a puppy. Poison Dart Frogs live in rainforests near Central and South America. Any type of frog needs their skin to be constantly moist so a place where it rains 80 inches a year is the perfect
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