Poisonwood Bible Analysis

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Could you ever imagine having to uproot your family’s entire way of life to travel across the ocean to a foreign country that would not fully commit to your belief of Christianity? In Barbara Kingsolver’s intriguing novel, The Poisonwood Bible, she tells the story of a typical all American family from Bethlehem, Georgia. The readers’ are able to visualize the family’s lives being completely revised by the chain of events that takes place through their God led journey to the Congo. The Price family is very familiar to the certain lifestyle the United States offers, where we take advantage of having our everyday necessities on hand, even down to our Betty Crocker cake mixes, access to fresh drinking water, protection from an abundance of diseases, and much more. They quickly begin to understand that if they want to survive all in one piece, they must adapt to this new way of life. However, the experiences each character encounters along the way leads them down a different path that is not at all what Nathan Price as a husband and father instills in them to believe. Over time in the Belgian Congo, the girls and their mother are able to see that there are divergent options for their lives other than what their dictator, Nathan is preaching to them. Leah begins the book as a little girl who follows in her father’s footsteps, she craves his approval. As Leah grows older she makes her own opinions’ about what is important to her and learns from those around her that it
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