Pokeball: A Short Story

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Near the city of Rustboro was a route of fresh, green grass next to a cave that used to be used as mining. There, many different types of Pokemon call it home. One Pokemon named Eevee used to live there. This was not a normal Eevee. She was a white, shiny Eevee, which is considered a rare sight. This Eevee lived in a hole in a tree. One day, however, the Pokemon Trainer Brendan was looking for rare Pokemon.He traveled looking for rare Pokemon. Eevee was taking a stroll through the tall grass, but her fur coat sparkles at random times, making it easy to spot her despite being only a foot tall in the 3 foot tall grass. Brendan saw eevee and sent out Mudkip. Mudkips coat sparkled like Eevee’s, which confused her. “Mudkip, use water gun!” Brendan…show more content…
All the Pokemon returned except Eevee. She didn 't want to return. “Come on.” Brendan said in a friendly voice. She then knew she had to go. She went inside the Pokeball. She took a nap. Next when she woke up, she being released from her Pokeball. She saw a bat. “Eevee, use shadow ball!”Brendan yelled suddenly. Eevee was confused. Shadow ball? Why shadow ball? On the bat? Why the bat? Why should I use shadow ball on the bat? Despite the confusion, Eevee through a big ball made out of shadows at the bat. The bat fainted. It was a trainer battle, and Eevee won. “Yeah Eevee!” cried Brendan, looking proud. Brendan gave Eevee something. It was a cupcake. Now Eevee never had a cupcake before, since it had only had eaten berries before. She tried it. She loved it. Eevee thought every bite was heaven. Brendan laughed when he saw Eevee’s face of joy. “Come on, let 's explore more!” He said. “Eevee Eevee!” Eevee replied. Outside of the Pokeball, the two went on through a big forest. They battled many other trainers like the first one. Some had rat Pokemon. Some had raccoon Pokemon. Some had plant Pokemon. The more Eevee battled, the happier she got. She also got stronger. All was well until they were
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