Pokemon 4ever: Film Analysis

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Animal hunters is a large problem that many people are trying to stop. Few people understand why animal hunting is dangerous for the environment unless they conduct thorough research. In Pokemon 4Ever, Sammy Oak, Ash Ketchum, and his friends stop a Pokemon hunter from destroying the environment and enslaving pokemon. The movie is similar to how hunters in the real world destroy environments by showing how the imbalance of hunting creates and how people and nature must work together to combat it.

The opening scene shows how hunters are willing to take endangered species from their homes. A Pokemon hunter is hunting down a small, green Pokemon named Celebi in a forest. The Pokemon hunter is a portrayal of hunters who do not care about the balance
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Celebi becomes enslaved by the Dark Pokeball. The Dark Pokeball alters the state of being of a Pokemon to make them follow the orders of whoever captures them. This is an illusion to items that alter an animal’s state like drugs or electrical prods to make them docile for hunters and others. The wild Pokemon that come to Celebi’s aid in trying to release him is a representation of nature’s cure of fixing imbalances in nature. With the Guardian of the Forest turned into the enemy, it’s up to the regular people and nature to save Celebi. The imbalance of having the Guardian of the Forest become an enemy is seen in another scene where Celebi creates a large spiked animal made of branches and vines that starts to destroy the forest. It is another representation of the imbalance hunting creates when predators and key animals in the forest are taken out of their environment. The chaos of the battle between the forest and hunters is a symbol of when people come together to protect a forest or environment from danger. When Ash and Sammy get Celebi out of the Iron Masked Marauder’s control, it end the chaos created by its imprisonment. The Iron Masked Marauder is then taken into the custody of the forest and locals while Celebi is revived from the exhaustion of following a madman 's plot. Sammy says goodbye to Ash and friends then Celebi takes him
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