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Pokemon GO or No Go What if there was a way to get your kid out the house everyday and play outside; what if I told you that other adults are trying to ban it, without knowledge on the topic. Pokemon Go is an app where people can catch pokemon from the popular franchise. The kick to this is that in order to catch them the player needs to go outside and walk. The app is powered by google maps and tracks the distance you walk, location, and notifies when a pokemon is nearby. The thing that is important about this is that this app brought out kids many more times than they usually have and makes them more active and healthy. The thing that is happening is that parents are attempting to ban it, based on misconceptions about the app and false sense of harm put into kids. Pokemon GO should not be banned and be kept as the way it is now, because it imposes no danger and actually helps the kids of the generation get healthier. Sarah Jeong a journalist at yale believes that Pokemon GO is beneficial to the kids. On the one hand, some argue that Pokemon GO helps people communicate and go…show more content…
In recent discussion of Pokemon GO usage, a controversial issue has been whether Kids should be able to play it or should it be banned. On the one hand some argue that Pokemon GO is harmful to kids. On the other hand, however, others argue that Pokemon GO should be allowed and encouraged so that kids go outside . Clearly there are many views and opinions on Pokemon GO and whether kids should be able to play it. I believe kids should be able to play Pokemon GO because it encourages kids to go outside and makes them healthier. This issue is important because it is a topic that needs t be addressed and effects the kids of the current generation. So with all the information presented, the pros outweigh the negatives of the game, and so for that Pokemon GO should be allowed for kids to play. So in the end Pokemon GO has proved to be beneficial and should be kept on the market the way it is

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