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Pokemon Tales By: Jonathan and Jonathan and nobody else Hey hey now, so this is the efddv oops my bad lemme try dat again. Oh no where is my grammar! Wait, wait, wait, let me start all over again. I mean oh my gosh can I try that again? So, this is the tale of a young kid named Jonathan who was on his quest a become a pokemon master. “[yawn] Finally! I get to start my journey to become a pokemon master! ”I say as I get out of bed. Hi, yesterday was my tenth birthday and now I finally get to start my journey. “Goodbye honey,”mom says as iI start off on the gritty gravel path on my X-10638 bike. Then, in the clearing of the woods, I see what appears to be a fluffy purple puffball. I catch him slowly and run. Suddenly, I hear an ear piercing…show more content…
My pokedex starts ringing, I take it out and it reads "Beedrill, the bee pokemon, this pokemonwill repeatedly sting its opponent until the oppenent bleeds to death, and it feels safe.”. I scream and run as fast as I can. The beedrill head butts me into a rock. OUCH! I see it coming towards me so I close my eyes and hope for the best...nothing's happening. I looks up and see eevee and a knocked out beedrill leaning against a tree. I jump up with glee and relief. I give eevee the berries that I picked and turned around once again to look and that Angry beedrill. “Wow, that would make a great addition to my team,” I think. I take my great ball and chuck it at him. 3 beeps mean I catch that nutty beedrill. Beep Beep eerrkk. The beedrill comes back out of the great ball. I throw another one at him. Beep Beep Beep ting. “Yessssss I caught him” I shout as I hop around in circles with joy. I bring him out only to find that he's still knocked out… I quickly run to the Pokecenter to heal beedrill. I’m kind of excited, I must be the best trainer in the world! When I reach the pokecenter I take a look around only to see other pokemon that seems so much stronger than mine, and their trainers look better too. One trainer has a mohawk and sunglasses, another one has tall pink boots and green dyed hair and butterfly earrings on her ears, another one has a black suit with 9 point symbol on it and he has a smirk on his face. The last…show more content…
It reads, Haunter, the ghost pokemon. Haunter is known for turning invisible and licking people. I don’t have a clue what to do because I didn’t heal my eevee so I take out my great ball with my beedrill and throw it, Go Beedrill! Then, I remember the move it used on me before. I have no clue what else to do, so I yell,“Beedrill, use fell stinger!”. It falls right on the haunter and goes right through him. However , I see haunter conjuring a move of its own. It uses curse, at this, it seems to go through great pain and suffering and seems slower. I personally don’t get why he did that, but I won’t complain. At this, he unleashes a shadow sneak, he disappears across the battlefield and appears right behind bedrill, he then strikes him down. Beedrill fainted. “ Useless bug,” I mutter under my

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