Pol Pot: Cambodian Genocide

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Pol Pot: The Leader of the Cambodian Genocide

Pol Pot was the person in charge during the Cambodian Genocide. I believe that he is a terrible person and a horrible excuse of a “leader.” Pol Pot was a dictator in Cambodia who was a horrendous person because he caused the killing of the people of Cambodia, the economic downfall of Cambodia, and because he didn’t seem to realize how wrong the idea was.
Pol Pot began to be involved with the Khmer Rouge Revolutionary Party which was an underground communist movement. As he became involved in this group he gradually worked up the chain of importance while his hatred for intellectuals and politicians grew. He eventually got to be the leader of the country and as his motives were questioned he resolved
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Before his leadership the country of Cambodia was one of the most advanced economies in Southeast Asia. His “leadership” lead to poverty being extremely common with less than 1% of Cambodia’s population being even slightly wealthy. His actions lead to his people being forced to work hard and long labor hours to provide for themselves and their families. The country of Cambodia has come a milestone compared to the last two decades though.
When Pol Pot decided to pursue the genocide of a generation he wanted it to result in a rural Cambodian country that was free of poverty and central/government power. The idea was wrong no matter how you look at it because he still wanted a mass killing of the higher class. He was a terrible leader because he didn’t seem to consider the fact that instead of killing the wealthier people, he could actually step up and be a leader and help bring more people to that state of financial stability. He joined a group who had nothing but murder in their being and wanted nothing more than to terrorize the country of Cambodia.
In conclusion, Pol Pot was a person who gained the title of leader and misused his power. He killed so much of his population. He also let Cambodia fall to drastic economic lows but most of all he didn’t realize what it meant to step up and just fix things the right way instead of resorting to unjust and unintelligent
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