Pol Pot Causes

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The Cambodian genocide occurred between 1975 and 1979. The mass murder was committed by Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge against the Cambodian people. There were several reasons for this genocide, including Pol Pot's desire to make Cambodia an agrarian society, to indoctrinate the people of Cambodia into the Marxist Ideology and to ensure the security of his government against political and military attacks

The ideology of communism was rising rapidly in the 1900s and was one of the major causes for the Cambodian genocide. Pol Pot was inspired particularly by Marxist Communist ideals. He saw the communist ideals as a way to allow for social and political change to happen in Cambodia. Pol Pot in 1962 became the leader of the communist party of
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The Khmer Rouge and Pol Pot were both rejecting any features of the modern world. This makes then so eager to get Cambodia back to "year zero". Pol Pots idea behind year zero was that all the culture and modern traditions within a society should be completely discarded. When Pol Pot took charge in 1975 he wanted his desire for an agrarian society to happen. He single out all intellectuals in society, including: doctors, lawyers, teachers and executed them. Pot saw these people as threats that could stop his desired society. He started to expand the rural work forced labour in Cambodia. This was because he wanted to earn revenue from agricultural exports, which would lead to him being able to fund the constructing of industries (Steel Mills). Pol Pot wanted to show how independent Cambodia was to other foreign powers.

Further more, a minor cause of the Cambodian genocide was that Pol Pot wanted security for his government from military and political attacks.

In conclusion, it is clearly evident that the Cambodian genocide occurred because of Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge. The way they urged for society to become more agricultural, the indoctrination of Marxist ideology on the people of Cambodia and to ensure security for Pol Pot's
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