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Bears are endangered or almost extinct for various reasons. The reasons for this are because of human activity. Two thirds of polar bears will be extinct within thirty years. These are the characteristics of a polar bear such as size, fur, and teeth. Polar bears are the largest carnivore in the arctic (Seaworld, 2015). A polar bear’s head is relatively small compared to the size of the body (Seaworld, 2015). Polar bear’s have more slender bodies and longer necks, compared to other bears (Seaworld, 2015). A polar bear’s coat is about 2.5 to 5 centimeters thick. (Seaworld, 2015). Polar bear furs are oily and water repellent (Seaworld, 2015). The coating of a polar bear can vary from pure white to yellow to light brown depending on the season or on light angle (Seaworld, 2015). Polar bears have forty-two teeth, used for aggressive behavior and catching food (Seaworld, 2015). Canine teeth can tear tough hides and grasp prey. (Seaworld, 2015). Polar bears don’t chew, they swallow big chunks instead. (Seaworld, 2015). Those are some of the characteristics of the polar bear.…show more content…
Polar bears are used to ice, which they rely on for reaching their seal pray (BIO, 2015). Polar bears will have less access to food (BIO 2015). Polar bears will have a loss of access to denning areas (BIO, 2015). Polar bears will have an increase in drowning (BIO, 2015). Less ice are there for polar bears (BIO, 2015). More water means more heat and less ice (BIO, 2015). Warmer temperature that thaw ancient permafrost (frozen soils), releasing more green house gases (BIO, 2015). Polar bears will have drop in body condition (BIO, 2015). Polar bears will have an increase in cannibalism (BIO, 2015). There will be lower cub survival rates (BIO, 2015). Two-thirds of the world’s polar bears could disappear and these are some of the

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