Polarization In Stephen King's The Shining And It

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In two of Stephen King’s most polarizing novels, The Shining and IT, the characters are equally polarizing. King stretches these characters to be as crazy, complex, and terrifying as possible. Jack Torrance and IT, The Shining and IT, respectively, have been analyzed since they first reached the shelves. Jack is a character who goes through rigorous development, while IT is a monster who stays a monster. Jack Torrance, a recovering alcoholic and drug user, struggles to keep his family happy. He accepts a job as a hotel caretaker, hoping that the time alone with his family will help their relationship. Throughout the novel, flashbacks return the reader to the days when Jack was in his stupors, and when he was having his binge sessions. While…show more content…
IT’s form around most was as a clown, while some seen IT as a leper, or a mummy. IT picked the form that its victim feared the most. The monster generally tried to follow a slumber and then awake pattern. IT generally would hibernate for around twenty-six years, and then would awaken for about two years. When IT awakes from the slumber it takes, it causes a catastrophic event to occur. In 1957, a great flood occurred in the town of Derry, which signaled the beginning of IT’s reign of terror. After a little boy was murdered, the boy’s brother enlisted the help of his friends to beat the monster. The way to kill the monster was through a battle of wits and wills, titled the Ritual of Chüd. In the children’s young age, they believed silver was the only way to kill a monster. Since they all deeply believed it, when they used a slingshot to shoot a chunk of silver at it, it severely damaged IT. They believed that IT was dead, but when it rose from its slumber almost three decades later, they teamed up to defeat IT again. This time, IT’s true form is exposed as a pregnant female spider. IT reveals to the main characters that this is the closest form that humans can comprehend. IT’s unseen form is a glob of orange lights, which would kill any human who looked at it. As the heroes perform the ritual again, the town suddenly becomes engulfed in a massive storm, which nearly tears the town in half. When the ritual is complete, the town has suffered severe damage, with many buildings

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