Polarization Of Congress

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The polarization of the political system in America infects the decision making and voting of politicians and Americans. Logical political decision making of political officials and Americans have been clouded by ideological viewpoints which does not logically increase the United States well being (Wilson pg 7). The political powers lack the efficient clarity in order to expand the growth of society fundamentally. Each political party has its own regime and viewpoint of what is to be of the country we all dwell in. This fog in the vision of these parties withstands a fine judgement in the development of the United States as a whole. This strains the movement of the United States and misrepresents the problems that should be extinguished as…show more content…
The difference in ideological views and decision making within congress creates a separation of agreement among the legislative decisions as whole and prevents logical and neutral policy making ( Wilson pg 12). The polarity in congress prevents neutralism and supports individualism due to the strongly motivated ideologies from each member instead of a unified unit that functions singularly An important hierarchy and responsibility of the legislative branch determines the order and ability for policies and laws to be stable and without bias. Individualism clouds the overall objective of creating stability in the United States. “Congress has, to a decree,been deinstitutionalized and individualized: its leadership has become weaker,power within it has been dispersed” (Wilson pg 13). With leadership capability decreasing through the legislative branch policies become inefficient or biased. Decision to benefit the country as a whole is replaced with the appeasement of the public and sympathy of the republic. The functionality of the country as a whole prevents stable decision making for the United States and creates distractions and conflicts within the political system which may deter from efficient argumental decisions. In effect it creates distractive moments towards the political agenda and weakens the power that congress should have which…show more content…
In the past many political leaders and society were religious to an extent due to the ancestral ways of the United States. “ Religion has always played an important role in American culture and has at times been the source of deep political divisions” (Wilson pg 98). Religion plays a role in the anatomy of the American system and the fundamental morals of the public.”Americans are divided in their religious activities...Religion is not a trivial factor in presidential elections. America’s secular voters tend to live in blue countries whereas America’s religious ones live in red ones” (Wilson 99). The division shows a change in American politics as more and more secular voters have a stronger polarity in the American political system. This shows the change from a religious founded country to a more secular and open minded political agenda but the religious bias still remains unmoved no matter how much it decreases. “ In short, religion makes a difference, but very religious and very irreligious voters are only a minority of the electorate” ( Wilson 100). The American Political changes do coincide with the polarity in the political system and the American Public with each individuality in the political characteristics of the government. The polarization plays a role in the changes in politics over time as a symbiotic relationship since Wilson mentions the polarization and political change

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