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Versatile room par excellence, we now meet parkas at every corner. It has become the joker that comes out of the bottom of his sleeve - or his cloakroom - when the weather conditions dictate, or just that we want to be sure to have style. Finally ... you still have to know how to choose and wear it. History, product, style and brands ... You'll know everything about the parka! Where does the parka come from? Like many emblematic pieces of our dressing room, the parka hangs behind it an eminent past. His story would even be like a real epic. Take your time machine back to the beginning of the 20th century. The pole jacket In the early 1910s, the great Norwegian explorer and sailor Roald Amundsen led an unprecedented expedition: he is supposedly…show more content…
According to legend, he discovered this type of jacket during his travels in Canada's Far North, Greenland or the North Pole. There, he met Inuit and Aleut populations who, for decades, have resisted the harsh climatic conditions of these territories by wearing similar equipment (jackets made of seal casings). From left to right: a traditional Inuit outfit (the ancestor of the parka), then a descendant of Eskimo tribes in Canada's Far North (still in parka but more contemporary). The word parka would come from the word Inuit-Aleut " kamleika ", which later became "parka". Entrance into the military cloakroom In the late 1940s, the US Air Force began polar explorations. Inspired by the equipment of Eskimos1, she creates the jacket "USAF N-3B": a waterproof woolen parka, lined, with a hood lined with fur. Later, this jacket will be modified for the use of American soldiers during the Korean War. These will be lighter thanks to the use of cotton and removable liners, wider and produced in greater quantities: it is the parka US - M51 or "Fishtail" , because his back ended in fish tail. From left to right, reproduction of the USAF N-3B parka model, and the Fishtail
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