Polemics As A Fairy Tale

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Abstract – The paper is an attempt to revisit a typical children 's narrative, the fairy tale that has transfigured the romantic imagination of generations of young readers.It will be an attempt to see how a bed time story has been cast into a text of female bonding and women empowerment, how the revisionist agenda is to rework these short stories into the current dialectics of feminist ideology.The paper will also look at how recent reinterpretations of this iconic text has been implanted with the attributes of post-modernist socio cultural polemics. Jack Zipes (1979) in revisiting fairy tales had declared that, "our lives are framed by folk and fairy tales ', (xi). They have been stuff that has made the repositories of the dreams, hopes and fantasies of generations of girls. Subsequently millions of women the world over must surely have formed their psycho-sexual self concepts and their ideas of what they could or could not accomplish from their favourite fairy tales. The romantic paradigms have continued to tailor the aspirations and capabilities of generations of avid takers, but their long term influence can be gauged from not only the wide range of spectacular performances by school children through the ages, the operas and the musicals based on the fairy tale themes, the Disney Vintage productions with fairy tale motifs and plots but also the continued use in advertisement, window decorations, T.V. commercials, banners, posters, T-shirts and household goods,

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