Police Body Cameras Advantages

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Today, everywhere you go you are being watched and recorded by some kind of cameras even if you may not know you are. There are now body cameras that police officers wear that you are being recorded by in this day and age. Police body cameras are beneficial in many situations and help not only police officers but also civilians. Body cameras are worn because of many attacks by police officers and attacks on police officers by criminals. Body cameras are required to be worn and required to be powered on while on duty. Many think that all footage recorded by body cameras should be open to public viewing.
Police body cameras are required after many incidents with police brutality and even racism. In the 1900s there was brutality and alleged racial
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An officer can wear the cameras attached to top of shoulder, attached to collar, attached to chest, attached to belt, attached to hat, attached to eye gear, in pen pocket, and covert button camera. With these cameras being attached to police officers in any of these places there are fewer incidents that happen study's show. Also with these cameras fewer complaints from citizens about their counterparts without these cameras. When officers and citizens know that they are being recorded both the officer and the citizen behave better. Having cameras always on and attached to officers the officers sometimes forget that they have the cameras or on and recording. Studies also show that officers have disobeyed the rules which means that before having these cameras on them that they have disobeyed them at a time or another in the past. Body cameras can help to improve and encourage officers to do better with how they handle incidents (Police Body Cameras: Should law enforcement agents wear body cameras?). Police body cameras have been put into effect. Police officers have powered off their cameras and some incidents then were not recorded or caught on camera. The American Civil Liberties Union said that cameras have to stay powered on, so the officers can't go to edit the footage that had been recorded to serve as a check and balance of police powers. These cameras don't just record situations but it also records everyday life such as citizens. The officers have to stay anonymous so they don't give information to the wrong person who could be a crime victim. The American Civil Liberties Union do consider the rights of these and the people. Officers must wear body cameras so they know what really happened and can't change the story on what happened. When police officers are in not so good areas that often are concentrated in high-crime areas people are always being watched even if they don't know they are (Police
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