Police Body Cameras Effect

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The Effect of Police Body Cameras in Society
The implementation of body cameras in law enforcement has increased recently. The body cameras have had a positive impact on society. These devices have helped in the process of investigation of cases and with the protection of all citizens. The body cameras that police have decreased the likeliness of crime occurring because the individuals know they are being recorded. For body cameras to truly be useful in society, they must be used correctly, and the footage must be handled properly. Therefore, through proper usage and experience with devices, body cameras can be very beneficial to any community.
Body cameras are small cameras equipped on police officers. They are on the uniform of the police
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People against body cameras say that the cameras will invade the privacy rights of those being filmed. This is why there must be more protection over the footage. These devices could pressure police officers in making the right decision in dangerous situations for fear of being fired and scrutinized ("Police Body"). It is believed that the use of cameras will backfire. It will not be for police if everything is recorded. Police work should remain private. The cameras on at all times would allow an invasion of privacy. Furthermore, the cost of body cameras and storing all the information could hurt police departments. Many enforcement agencies are not able to use the cameras due to the exorbitant cost. Because of these devices, people feel that they will not stand against the police now. Once body cameras are on officers they can record everything around them. They can document different types of encounters with the public. The video should not be left solely in the power of the police. Footage should be reviewed by many trusted officials to dismiss manipulation. Some videos taken out of context can be lead to make the public see what they want them to see. Overall, when placed in the right hands, body cameras are…show more content…
Although conceived as an invasion of privacy by some, body cameras worn by police officers protect civilians and themselves. The footage gained from the cameras can be used in cases to interpret the realities of crime better. The devices lower crime rates because no one wants to be seen committing crimes. For the body cameras to be completely effective, the devices must be used properly, and the footage used correctly. Consequently, body cameras are beneficial to society because they expose the realities of crime in
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