Police Body Cameras Pros And Cons Essay

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We live in a world that has become completely evolved around technology. Therefore, it is no surprise that police body cameras have become a common recommendation in order to reduce police misconduct. Like everything, the use of police body cameras has its pros and cons. Police body cameras can assure accurate statements made by both civilians and police officers themselves. Instead of listening to “he said, she said” these cameras will allow truthful statements and conversations to divulge what really occurred. These cameras almost became a “fear factor” for both police officers and civilians. Of course, when people know they are being filmed they are on their best behavior and less likely to perform in unacceptable activity. A police department in …show more content…

After all, the second amendment states everyone has the right to bear arms and should not be infringed. 30,000 people are killed each year by firearms, and in order to lower this number I strongly believe a potent system needs to be put intact for everyone who wishes to obtain a gun. Although it has been shown time after time that nearly anyone can get their hands on a firearm no matter what laws are in effect. While researching about gun control laws and its pros and cons, I came across an article discussing how these laws will not prevent criminals from killing. Out of the 62 mass shootings in the U.S. between 1982 and 2012, 49 of the killers legally obtained the firearm they used. Also studies have shown that it is more likely for individuals to die from natural causes such as a heart disease rather than being shot. Mexico has the highest gun control laws, yet in the year of 2012 11,309 individuals were killed by a firearm. In closing, many people today are extremely eager to end violence caused by firearms, but will stronger gun control laws actually deter people from killing or entice

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