Police Brutality

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This research paper is based on police force whether misused or rightly used in daily activity as decided upon by societal views, news reviews, and scholarly points. The facts and or opinions of the subjects found within this paper are pointedly used as dictated by the reviewed sources and references. Throughout this paper there are points on the “injustices” declared by the public on the police force used in any certain situation; the reasoning behind explained events; the point of views of both the public and the police. I have reviewed the subject and decided on the direction of this paper, starting with the proposed title. The ending to the proposed title is “How to get the truth,” I see this as the question to be searched for, because…show more content…
To follow up with the previous statement with an opinionated voter, one poll voter commented, “Those in power will abuse it. The police fall under the Stanford Prison Experiment, where those in power will abuse it,” (Anonymous, Debate.org). The Stanford Prison Experiment, I found was an experiment on college age men and women. They were put into the position of prison guards or those becoming a criminal. The study was over what becomes of the “good people” who are thrown into what the experiment researchers call an “evil place” (prisonexp.org, web). I decided to use this commentator’s response, for that specific study as it relates to structural functionalism-which is the function and togetherness of a structure. The structure in this experiment is the college age students being used as dependents as they take on their parts. The parts making up the structure, the guards and the prisoners. Their functionality as a whole is what provides a stable source of their togetherness. Without the prisoners to guard they are not guards and without guards they are not prisoners. The study however is actually used for the psychological effects it has on the people,…show more content…
Surveying would then be pushed into actual realization with asking a specified number of both civilians and officers for a fair result on opinions. After surveying the next research method, I believe best for this research topic and the discussed views quantitative research as statistics relate well for research. Numbers are a large part of facts, having percentages and other statistics increase accuracy on the studied topic, and a better understanding on the aspects the numbers cover. When researching this topic I would put these methods into use along the way, with every step. So, that I might be able to better understand and so that those who read or participate in the survey and paper will understand. This is where conflict theory fits into my study. Conflict theory is a competition in simplest terms. Numbers compete against opinions, therefore facts against people. Media manipulates people into forming opinions based on half-truths and therefore not fully comprehended facts. From every angle media, people and police view police force as a force, though they hold separate opinions on the

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