Police Brutality Against Black Citizens

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In recent years, a spotlight has been placed on innocent black men being murdered by law enforcement through news media. In fact, many times these cases have been spoken about as, “police brutality”, which almost lessens the crisis of black lives that were lost. Whether through beatings or headlocks, the fact remains that black citizens have been taken by law enforcement with no legal repercussions. American voices must be raised against the police brutality against black citizens for the sake of equality, humanity and justice. Equality is more of an idea in today’s world than it is a right. Equality has been and is something that must be fought for especially amongst the black citizens. Fighting in the metaphorical sense. Police brutality against black citizens dates back well over 50 years. Martin…show more content…
They have been denied freedom, even after released from slavery. In Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Letter from Birmingham Jail, he speaks lengthy of the humiliation black citizens were forced to withstand as they were segregated from the white citizens. While signs may not be in store windows, the discrimination and exclusion of black citizens from fair treatment is evident/ prominent. Kalief Browder, a seventeen year old imprisoned for three years for a crime he never committed and who was never convicted of could testify to such - if he were alive. Kalief Browder took his life just last year after struggling to regain the years lost and recover from the psychological damage and trauma he endured through the American justice system. The justice system is just as responsible for his death as if they shot him. Even though Browder committed suicide this is a direct correlation between law enforcement and loss of another black life. In fact, it is much more accurate to say that Browder lost his life both in life as well in

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