Police Brutality And Racial Profiling By Police

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Violence and Racism have erupted like a volcano in our society. Not only has it become a problem with the public, it has now become a problem in law enforcement. The very people who protect the public are mistreating citizens of their own country. Racist police brutality has become a controversial topic of modern times, with police killing innocent citizens. The stories have kept popping up so much that is starting to be recognized as a major problem. People are starting to admit that “Yes, the police are racist, and we shouldn’t be afraid to say it. The less we say it, the easier it is to deny for those who have the power to change it” (Harriot, The Root). Police brutality, racist or not racist, is a growing problem that people are choosing…show more content…
Clarke is the chief of police in Milwaukee, a very large city with some crime and a diverse race population. In an attempt to defend themselves, the police are denying there is racist targeting. It is obvious that police are racist with their use of harsh tactics on innocent people. It is very disappointing that people in the police force are denying it. Some would argue that the police are doing their job and using the skills they have learned. The ones they are using however, are over the top and resulting in injury or death of the people they are arresting. In a “study—which gathered data voluntarily reported to the FBI from 2011–2012, tracked by race (excluding Latinos)— found that 70 departments from Connecticut to California arrest Blacks at a rate 10 times more than people of other races” (Catalan, DiversityInc). In addition, they are using these harsh tactics on primarily African Americans, who most of the time are getting stopped for a traffic violation and end up being hurt or killed. In this case, many officers are abusing their powers, shooting people, and claiming it was an act of self…show more content…
Protesters seeing this footage, are fueled with anger. In an interview with a protester who is a leader and preacher for the Rise Up October protest for police brutality in New York City, the preacher said “We have joined together from all over this nation, with these parents, with these loved ones, we’ve come to simply say we ain’t taking it no more. We’re seeing it more and more everyday” (Rise up October Preacher). The people are tired of the violence and want peace and equality. The change is needed to make our law enforcement safer to all people. This starts with proper training, and elimination of officers who are undoubtedly racist, have a record of fault in this category. The heads of police and government must monitor the officers and their actions, this will do a better job of making sure the officers are doing their job, and keeping the public safe. Without law enforcement, the U.S. would not be safe and the public would run wild. The police force must ensure the safety of the people, this can only happen if the infrastructure of law enforcement is safe itself for the
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