Police Brutality And Racism

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Police Brutality and Racism In current American society, police brutality and racism seems to be a growing issue. Recently, there has been an increase in racism-related police brutality. It is the presence of racism among the police that fuels the brutality by the officers. The extent of this problem is severe, in some cases to the point of life or death. For example, Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager, was shot and killed by Darren Wilson, a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. Another example is Walter Scott, a black driver who was fatally shot while running away from a white police officer during a traffic stop. In New York, Eric Garner was strangled by a police officer while his hands were raised, and he told the officers…show more content…
For example, one option that has been proposed is body cameras. Police Officers would be required to wear the cameras at all times. These cameras are placed on the front of an officer’s uniform, right under the top button. A study in Los Angeles found that these body cameras significantly reduced the number of brutality complaints and incidences of police violence (Von Drehle). Another study found the number of, “Complaints about police have declined in these communities. The officers seem to be more calm and courteous to the public. Violent incidents have been reported as decreasing dramatically. Investigations of wrongdoing are made easier” (Monitor’s). If events were recorded, it would make things a lot less complicated in court if there were an incident. Also, it would reduce friction in courts among parties because there is nothing to argue about since there would be physical evidence. In addition, this footage could help officers improve their performance by watching and learning what to do and what not to do. Making police officers wear body cameras would protect not only the public, but the officers as well. The cameras would protect those who do the right thing, and weed out those who do not follow the law, including both police officers and…show more content…
An unarmed African American teen being shot down, a grown African American being strangled with his hands up yelling, “I can’t breathe!” and an unarmed African American man gunned down from behind. Solutions are being proposed, such as body cameras, higher education being required, and the police academy’s infrastructure becoming more diverse. Some say that since officers recite an oath of honor, they are not in the wrong. Just because they say this, does not mean they will not do whatever it takes to protect themself. Others believe nearly all African Americans are way more likely to commit crime and are more violent. There is absolutely no evidence proving this theory. Something needs to be done, regardless. There is obviously a problem in America with riots, protests, shootings, and etc. that are happening all over the country, and there is no indication of these slowing down anytime
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