Police Brutality And Social Media

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Police brutality is a term that defines violence against humanity by law enforcement officers. Police Officers encounter hostile situations on the daily basis forcing them to make instant decisions in order to make an arrest or protect themselves. However some police officers do not hesitate to refer to violence immediately. The use of excessive force against a civilian could or could not be voluntary but should be evaluate by both law enforcement and the public. Over the past couple of years, police actions particularly police brutality, have raise awareness among communities. With devices such as cameras and cell phone those incident have become easily accessible. As the result of police brutality many Americans have no trust in the police. In a study by Gallup’s, Confidence has ranged fairly narrowly between 52% and 64% since 1993. While police in America often have a difficult and thankless job, some of them are guilty of racial profiling. Therefore certain ethnic groups including African-Americans fell targeted and as the result, some resort to protest using social media; other ethnic groups including whites are often negatively engaged with the police, yet social media fails to report this. Finally the role of social media has expended and become more important in policing our society.…show more content…
In primary source Champion of The World Maya Angelou describe how black men were targeted by white men after the win of Joe Louis. The injustice of police treatment of African Americans is still relevant, during the past decades, police violence against African American made them feels that there are treated differently in the criminal system and under the law. They also feel there is an aggressive targeting of black people that doesn’t happen in white

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