Police Brutality And Whistle-Plowing In Prison

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The case study presented many issues identified in the criminal justice system. The issue of police brutality is a direct action when authority abuse their possession of power by taking advantage of a population that should be protected by their most basic right. The exposure of cruel, unusual, and and explosive treatment is coming from the colleague of the abusers. Whistle-blowing has gone through a series of changes in the definitions Frederick Elliston has composed four components; it is the actions of an individual to make information public, the information becomes public, the information is about the wrong doing of an organization, and the person exposing the wrongdoing has some former or current affiliations in which they report(Dryburgh,2009.…show more content…
After the media was able to find loopholes in the policy of visitation the CDC contained to make other outrageous policy to prevent exposure for instance visitors were no longer allowed to bring pen and paper into visitation rooms.The course of action taken by the CDC only created more attention to the case. Leaving many interested to know the truth. After years of bill passing, lobbying, and arguments made for parties both pro and con to the freedom of access for the press. A bill was passed that the media would indeed have access to the prisoners and the public has a right to know what is going on theses institutions. This opened he flood gates for inmates and other whistle blowers to start coming with the…show more content…
The ethical dilemma identified where not only I just treatment of inmates but also the ability of institutional privilege to remove rights and access to press with little rebottle. After years of legal pursuits the system was forced to acknowledge the rights of inmates and the public’s access to knowledge. Though on a larger scale the issue of inhuman treatment of inmates has not been resolved the exposure has officials thinking different. The passing of bills are now allowing more access and rights to the inmates and press. Ensuring that the victims are not being silenced by an instructions is the result of the thickly dilemma. The removing of the vail of secrecy is the most powerful outcome from the Corcoran Case. No longer are perpetrator solely dependent on the institutions ability to alter fact and lead the narrative of information

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