Police Brutality Cases

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The police have always been people you can call when in an emergency. They have always been seen as the good guys who are there to ensure your safety, which is why it is very important to trust police men as well as firefighters because if you don’t it may be hard to follow their instructions when in a dangerous situation. They are the few brave citizens who risk their lives on a daily basis to ensure their communities safety, so why do people have such a hard time trusting them? Perhaps it may be because of the recent police brutality assaults, which have become more and more recent, for example; the very popular and over publicized Eric Garner and Michael Brown brutality cases, which have become a major topic of controversy. Some other major police brutality cases are; the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, which ignited many protests within the community, as there had…show more content…
According to The Washington Post, out of 356 police brutality cases in The United States, 365 were men and 80 were woman. Of those 356, 80 percent of them were carrying life threatening objects such as; knifes, guns, machetes, 49 of them were unarmed and carrying no weapons, and 16 percent were carrying a fake gun or unarmed. Police are allowed to use deadly force when they feel their life’s, or the lives of other innocent by standards are in danger, but according to this research most of the people were not carrying deadly weapons. Of those in the same brutality cases, 8 of them were under 18 years old, 55 were 18-24 years old, 118 were 25-34 years old, 94 were 35-44 years old, 62 were 45-54 years old and 39 of them were 55 years or older. Most of the people in these cases were poor and had history of past crimes. Most of them were killed for running away from

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