Police Brutality Debate

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Police Brutality Debate We see it and hear about it almost every day on the radio and on the television, even on our social media pages. Police brutality has once again become a hot topic issue among the American public. Some of the American public say it is too much and is targeted towards only one group or race of people. Those people state that the police seek out this group or race of people and intently beat them up or even kill them. On the other half of this issue are people who defend our police officers and their actions, these are the people who say it is not a targeted action, but instead it is just an action the police use to defend their selves. Is there to much police brutality in America? Do the police target and intently beat…show more content…
For me it is a very exciting to learn about each case of police brutality and dive into it to see why what happened, happened. The issue seems to be so wide that it is not a clear cut yes or no issue on determining if it is a targeted act or not, which drives me to even more because it is something I can learn more about. Lastly, it seems like something that can bring people together if we can agree on a way to help fix the accidental brutality cases, but instead it does not do that which makes it even more compelling to me. I know that police brutality can either be accidental or used when a police officer is trying to defend him or herself. Another thing that I know and have observed about this issue is that it hasn’t just sprung up, but instead it has become more easily brought to our attention because of people filming these intendents and posting them on their social media pages. Lastly I know that not every officer uses brutality as a main go to when dealing with rowdy uncooperative criminals, but instead use it as last ditch effort in order to deal with these types of criminals while trying to protect themselves as

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