Police Brutality Effect

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Defenseless individuals shot and killed by police officer’s savagery methods of restraining, attempting to bring justice into their own hands in the wrong manner. Police brutality creates nothing more than fear to citizens that should feel protected by their authorities. The excessive violence used by police officers towards citizens results in the deaths of many, which is known as police brutality, and it has left the African American community raving with anger .The atrocity acts of authority figures have caused many unfortunate situations, and outcomes, such as the deaths of innocent black individuals. Police brutality is caused by assumptions of appearances, racism, and stereotypes and results in death, riots, protests, and falsely indicting people.
Authorities often pre-judge others by their race and/or appearance, without first having any actual evidence that makes their suspicion true. A report from 2011, showed that Hispanics as well as African Americans are more likely to be stopped and searched by policemen. Although they are less likely to have illegal possessions compared to white drivers, who are twice as likely to possess illegal contraband.(Natarajan)This causes police officers to accuse people and put them in a position that they shouldn't be in,
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Major upheavals by the black community and the demise of innocent lives is one of the causes of police brutality. The violent acts of police officers should not be justified when there are always many alternatives that should have been considered before using violence. Today citizens live in fear of people that should be trusted, such as police officers, because it is their job and duty to secure and protect the people, however that is not the case, because as a result of police brutality, the people feel insecure and

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