Police Brutality In America Essay

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What are some of the main reasons for police brutality and why does it disproportionately affect African Americans? Police brutality in the United States has a long and complicated history, firmly established in systemic racism. A study written by the Washington Post (2021) showed that police officers have a long history of using excessive force against people of colour. The study shows that people of colour get shot twice the rate as white people which is unescapable. The legacy of slavery has contributed to the ongoing systemic racism within law enforcement, which counties to this day, despite sweats and efforts put in to discuss this issue. The legacy of slavery has contributed to a culture of systemic racism within law enforcement that still exists to this day. Despite many attempts to resolve this issue, police brutality remains an ongoing concern in the United States, with recalls to address its main reason. This essay will discuss what is happening between police officers and African Americans, why it’s happening and some of its main reasoning and what could be done to reduce police brutality. Systemic racism is a main contributing factor to the …show more content…

One suggested reform is to improve police training, which could help reduce the use of excessive force. Another suggestion is to stop using inappropriate force without any reasoning, police officers should be fined if they do something without the need to do it. Moreover, many police departments have begun using body cameras to provide transparency and accountability in interactions between police and citizens (Brady United, 2022). This is very good because now the police officers know they're being watched before thinking about doing something harmful towards a citizen. However, more needs to be done to address the systemic racism at the root of police brutality in the United

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