Police Brutality In The United States

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Police brutality is an issue that’s very important in America and it’s happening in many different states all over the country. It shouldn’t be happening at all, and in order to fix this, we have to start somewhere. The American system of government can solve these type of problems with requiring more training hours inside of every police station, and they should be interested in it because this is causing many different conversations throughout the country. This is a very good topic to study and research because it’s interesting to learn about. However, it is interesting in a sort of way that doesn’t make you feel good or entertained but instead makes you ready to step in and make a change for the better. First, it’s good for high schoolers …show more content…

There could also be groups that bring it to the people’s attention, but other than that, only the government can make the punishment more severe, or require the police to have more training. Sadly, at the moment there is not a law or policy for dealing with police brutality. It is argued that when things like this happen, the police are just doing their job, or that the person being arrested was resisting the arrest, or were fighting back. I understand this, but police do not have to brutally beat that person. US News wrote that there was a civil rights complaint that was filed, and said: “The department also fails to properly train, supervise, monitor and discipline officers who use excessive force.” () Michael Stinziano, a Democrat, says “To enact more safety for the city of Columbus we’re hiring more police officers.” (Stinziano, City Hall Field Trip, Jan. 18, 2018) This is great, but those officers are not getting as much training as they need. He is interested because it deals with the safety of citizens in Columbus, Ohio. If the people do not feel safe, then the government has to do something about it. News articles are writing about the things that are happening, in order to make people more aware of the issues, that way we can fix the problem before it spreads. For example, when Timothy Davis was abused by police, many different news articles started to write about the situation, which brought awareness to the people of Columbus, Ohio. The state level of government should be able to resolve this since police regulations are similar, but still kind of different in each state. Currently, no one is not doing anything about

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