Police Brutality In 'Force Continuum'

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An issue I am passionate about is… …feminism. I believe that there is a common misconception, particularly by men, that once voting rights for women were established, feminism was no longer necessary. Unfortunately though, that is definitely not the case. Women still make less money than men for the same jobs, sexual assault cases are way too frequent, and women are underrepresented in almost every professional field. I gravitate towards feminism because true feminists are advocates for equal rights for all, and tackle issues such as the public opinion that male rape victims are less legitimate. While keeping their focus at heart, feminists acknowledge and support all others who suffer from systemic prejudice as well.

An issue I am curious about is…

…police brutality. I have never seen nor experienced police brutality, but I have seen countless videos and it is hard to deny the fact that there is something wrong. Additionally, I read a play in my theater class entitled “Force Continuum” written in 2001
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I hear people say time and time again that they are not going to vote because either they do not like any of the candidates or they do not know enough about them to make an educated vote. In my opinion, not voting because you dislike all the candidates is a bad decision. The fact of the matter is, someone is going to win the election, therefore even if there is no ideal candidate, finding the best of the what is given is just as important. If someone feels uneducated, I would suggest subscribing to the Skimm, a daily e-newsletter that gives a brief scope of candidates and their recent statements every weekday, or get educated in some other way. As Americans, we are so fortunate to have been born with the inalienable right to vote. If I can convince just one young person to Rock the Vote, it will be a worthwhile accomplishment (though I hope to reach many
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