Police Brutality In Law Enforcement Essay

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Law enforcement is known to abuse their power of authority. The type of violence that are done leads to death and injuries. Police officers need to be held for their accountability of their abuse. Police brutality is a problem to the public. The problem can be stopped by these three solutions: body cameras, investigation and different race. Police brutality is a big problem for the community. “In recent years, several high-profile incidents of abuse and misconduct by police have sparked widespread debate over the relationship between law enforcement officers and the public” (Police Brutality.) Law enforcement use self defense exoneration and the basic elements to defend their case. The first problem is the wrongful officers are not being convicted…show more content…
Investigating the police department decreases the claims of the abuse and the brutality. Supporters of the police officers claims they do not target members of minority groups. “Mark Fuhrman, a white LAPD detective who had investigated the case, making disparaging remarks about blacks and admitting to various forms of misconduct, including beating suspects.”(Police Brutality ). Accordingly, bystanders show a video that Los Angeles Police department brutalized Rodney King after a high-speed freeware chase. The law officers was not charged for the incident, so it created a riot in Los Angeles. (Police Brutality). The final problem is there is not enough of different race working together. There was an investigation that was affected by the police officers, because of their nationality within other officers. “Additionally, the boards often found police unwilling to cooperate with their investigations due to a desire to protect their fellow officers- a phenomenon known as the “blue wall of silence”(Police Brutality.) The police department made an effort to hire more of different nationality, in order to be more sufficient. This will help lower the number of police brutality on Africa American and Hispanic
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