Police Brutality In Law Enforcement

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In today’s society, many people question if local law enforcement is serving and protecting communities or if they are unfairly stereotyping and brutalizing citizens of local communities. In some instances, citizens find themselves fearing local law enforcement due to recent incidents where innocent men and women are unjustly arrested and/or killed by law enforcement officers. Many bystanders say due to the methods officers used to handle volatile situations it leads to these tragic incidents. and women are unjustly arrested and/or killed by law enforcement officers. Additionally, many citizens believe law enforcement officers handle cases differently based on an individual’s age, gender, race, or et cetera. Due to some police officers using their power to unconstitutionally punish a citizen, these situations result in harmful incidents due to it being mishandled. In result of officers mishandling a simple situation violently, these incidents raised awareness in today’s culture and community. Law enforcement officers' duty is to protect citizens, not harm them; and officers should not be putting any citizens' lives in harm's way. Police brutality causes fear in many citizens of today’s…show more content…
Citizens are thankful for law enforcement due to their hard work and also putting their life on the line every day to protect their citizens. In The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, Raymond Clift explains the benefits of police training by stating, “On­the­job training is the secret of really good police development” (Clift 117). Training is an important part of the law enforcement because even though some police handle situations differently, that makes the force special. Citizens thank officers for handling situations the way they do because, without their training, no one will be there in the time help is in need. To support

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