Police Brutality In Police

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During police officers and African American encounters, the use of force to handle some situations, mislead people from the actual reason of the arrest. These forceful actions are the reasons as to why many believe the one at fault are the African Americans. Perhaps this was the reason as to why four women, who were handcuffed on July 2009, were not trusted when they filed a complaint to the Denver Police Department against the rough treatment they received (Wolverton II 2). The officers denied the charges while lying about the actual truth (Wolverton II 2). The public did not believe the four women and protected the officers. However, the situation changed when a video was released showing the officers brutality against the women (Wolverton II 2). The…show more content…
Comey believes police officers have the right to be forceful when confronting a suspect. He also indicates that videos of police brutality should not be posted or distributed in any way. Not do only this sounds absurd, but it also sounds as though it is not significant if some of the people who are arrested are also brutally treated. If police officer can be abusive and treat their suspect roughly then they would be breaking Section 1 of the Fourteenth Amendment, “nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws” (US Const. amend. XIV, sec. 1). If the public were not able to videotape any of the police brutality then there would be nothing to ensure the innocence of many. If there is no evidence then the less likely the public would believe an African American would be innocent of any crime. The public would believe that police officers are using excessive force because they are dealing with people who are dangerous and are suspects of a crime. Sadly, without evidence there is no way to prove
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