Police Brutality In St. Louis

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St.Louis has been ranked the murder capital for almost a year now. Being from St.Louis personally I know there is a lot of violence happening everywhere you go. Most of the violent crimes happened in the city of St.Louis which is the more urban area, but that has now changed as of now more crimes are occurring in the county, which was once the more suburban area. And shocking but true most of the biggest crimes are involving the law enforcements. In the city of St.Louis people are very aware of the term Police brutality. Police Brutality is the wanton use of excessive force, usually physical, but also common in forms of verbal attacks and psychological intimidation, by a police officer. Police brutality has been in St.Louis since 1917 back when there was still slavery and segregation laws,…show more content…
This made everyone open their eyes to police brutality and whether it’s real or not. But way before Mike Brown got killed and even afterwards there were still police incidents happening. On February 17th after the cops were issued to always have their dash cams on, an incident happened with a eighteen year old teenager named Cortez Bufford. He was pulled over for his car looking like a car that was at a scene of a shooting. When asked to exit the vehicle, he was forced out instead and pulled to the ground. He was then kicked, tazed and abused by eight on scene officers. Another instance of police brutality is the shooting and killing of Vonderrit Deondre Myers Jr. He was a teen that got chased down and confronted by an off duty officer. They got into a scuffle then when the victim ran away from the officer he let off five through seven shots. When asked why he shot the teen the officer responded he seen a pistol on

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