Police Brutality In The Police System

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The problem of police brutality is rooted in the police system, along with the police officers themselves. Some police officers are not able to adequately perform the duties of their job, because of pre-existing prejudice or psychological factors. However, all of the blame cannot be put on the police officers, the police system is not set up to prevent officers from committing offenses, it can be argued that it can be the reason they are committed. One cause of the problem of police brutality is the police officers themselves. Some police officers have been known to put their prejudice in front of their responsibility to protect and serve. Some people use force in direct response to perceived threats from racial or economic groups that they view as threatening (“Police”). Another possible explanation could be explained with psychology. Personality disorders, personal problems, post-job related trauma or simply officers being young and inexperienced, can all explain why police brutality happens (Gilio-Whitaker). Police officers need to put their beliefs and issues aside while on the job.…show more content…
There are often not enough guidelines for officers to follow on issues including use of force. It would be helpful if the police departments would teach the officers how and when to use force (Rosenfield). Police officers are not trained enough to handle non-violent situations in a non-violent way. Police academies and departments need to train officers on how to handle these non-violent situations (Kristan). Police departments need to more extensively train their officers on how to handle non-violent situations that they will encounter on the
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