Police Brutality In The United States

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Many People in the United States has been victims of police brutality, being accused of committing a crime you did not do just because of how you look. Or, being treated differently just because of where you are from. Regardless of how you look, Police Officers are there to help people, not hurt them. This is affecting many people in the United States, many have been victims or has a relative that experienced this. Police Brutality is using excessive or unnecessary force when dealing with civilians. Police brutality can be illustrated in many different ways. The most common type of police brutality is a physical form. Police officers can use guns, pepper spray, and batons in order to intentionally hurt civilians. Author Natasha Bach says “Police…show more content…
This problem affects everyone including non citizens of the United States they are even at a higher risk of being discriminated by police officers. Some police officers have racial hatred against religion and ethnicity of people. Author Leonard Pitts Jr describes how specifically African Americans are the main target of police brutality. “Of course, the disparity in how people are treated by the police is based on their race. It is shameful, It is deadly.” These people will suffer from this if this isn’t resolved. Many false arrests have been made, innocent people are doing time in prison. Police officers need to be equal with anyone regardless of how they look. Many things can be done to prevent situations like these from happening. Police officers can be trained for a longer period of time, to help them better connect with people and not use excessive force. All of this can be solved simply with the help of people. Civilians have to stand up for each other and protest against this issue. A good solution to this problem is requiring all police officers to wear a body cameras in order to capture and record every incident that a police officer responds to. This will help the civilian…show more content…
There is nothing more credible than having a video as evidence in a court. Many police officers that have been charged with police brutality in the past have either just been laid off of work for some time. Police officers need to be fired from their job just like anyone else would be fired if done the wrong thing. Jesus Gutierrez 1 Author Phillips Swarts, states that “Police officers need to learn more than logistics of policing but also the broader significance of their role in society,” This means that police officers need to stop being selfish their job is to protect people. This problem hasn’t been solved yet due to the lack of law. Civilians are not getting justice, when a police officer commits a crime and gets away with it, other police officers find out about the situation and they feel that if that one officer got away with it why can’t they? If Police officers were getting punished for their lack of duty, other officers would step up and try to avoid what that officer did. This problem has also not been solved due to the lack of judges not finding any officers guilty. Not finding them guilty leads to more police brutality. It also gives them the feeling that they have even more power because
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