Police Brutality In Today's Society

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It was last year when I fell victim to a case of police brutality. Police brutality is described as the use of excessive force, usually physical, but it comes in the forms of verbal attacks aswell. I, Mr Harris was beaten by plainclothes officers on the doorstep of my own home. It was the 21st of December 2014 around 12:00am when I received a knock on the door, I proceeded to open it only to see two officers dressed in plain clothes. I didn’t remember much from there only that they said ‘you are under arrest’ and then I asked ‘why am I being arrested’. They then proceeded to pull me to the ground and I was beaten. I was kicked in the face several times and I had received an elbow to the lower back. I fell unconscious after that because I have…show more content…
It was not just one case of it but it was many which added fuel to the fire and eventually people boiled over and hell broke loose on the streets of Baltimore. Now what caused this massive uproar was the arrest of Freddie Gray, he was a victim of police brutality. Police brutality is a big talking point in today’s society. Where is the need for it? Police brutality can have many effects on the victim, most of which are physcological. In my case I have experienced severe physiological effects such a post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). As a result of this I have several panic attacks each day to which I am constantly trying to fight against. I have to take medication for this, so that means visiting the doctor once a fortnight. The condition is not as bad as it started out to be but it still haunts me to this day. It does not just effect the victim, police brutality also affects the wider community. Let’s face it, police brutality impacts minority groups more than white. This exacerbates racial tensions between police and citizens. This tends to result in violence as shown by the Baltimore riots. This then creates a sense of fear

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