Police Brutality Lies

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The True Lies of Police Brutality According to The Guardian’s death-by-officer database, police have killed 264 black people in 2015 of which sixty-eight were unarmed (as of 29 November 2015). All Americans feel the extent of police brutality whether they are a victim, family member of a victim, or watch the events unfold on television. However, the issue of police brutality has become a central issue for racial equality. Racial equality progressives have used police brutality as the rallying cry for their agendas. The issue has transcended just being a matter of blacks versus law enforcement; it is now an issue of the safety of all American lives versus the preservation of the justice system. Police brutality is the result of the growing racial tensions and propaganda by the American media. Police brutality is an issue no one…show more content…
The issue, however, is constantly hanging there like a dark cloud over the American justice system. One of the most memorable cases of police brutality occurred in 1991 when Los Angeles taxicab driver Rodney King was nearly beaten to death by four officers after failing to stop and leading the officers on a chase. The officers were “charged with numerous criminal counts, including assault with a deadly weapon, the use of excessive force, and filing a false police report.” The jury found that the officers were not guilty of any of the eleven counts. Subsequently, riots erupted in Los Angeles resulting in
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